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We accomodate for both individual and group bookings.

Group Scans
From $35Per Scan
  • Group Scan session at your venue (Min. 15 people)
  • Take home results sheet for your participants
  • Group Interpretation of Scan Results

Got A Question? Let's Answer it!


We have some great information regarding how the InBody 570 works, check it out on our page ‘How the scan works’.

Of course! The more the merrier, so bring them along. What we can do is organise a group booking and complete the scans simultaneously one after the other, then have a group interpretation. That way if there are any questions, they can be all addressed at once. If you don’t want to have a scan and interpretation with other people we also offer one-on-one’s.

Any foreign materials in the body such as metal pins, screws, breast augmentations, pace makers, defibrillators and pregnancy can impact your scan.

If those items remain in the body each time you have a scan (i.e. breast implants) then the impact on the scan is minimal, as the impedance on each of your scans will be the same and is therefore are still comparable for each progressive scan. We do however require a certificate from your doctor if you are pregnant or have a pace maker.

How often should I get a scan?

We don’t like to provide a definitive answer to this one, because it all depends on your circumstances and we can provide you with a timeframe when we evaluate your results. We do however recommend waiting at least 6 weeks between scans. This just provides a good timeframe to be able to adequately see changes in your body composition.

What do I need to bring to my first scan?

If you have been provided with a referral from your doctor then please bring it along, other than that just your awesome self.

How accurate are the results from the InBody 570?

The InBody 570 technology has been scientifically verified to be 98.4% accurate, which is as accurate as the DEXA Scan (Dual Energy Xray Absorptiometry) without any exposure to radiation. It has been used in over 500 scientific studies worldwide and is medically graded and TGA approved.