Your success, Our inspiration

We may be a small, locally owned business but we are mighty! Starting out with the mere idea of helping others in the health industry, we established a CrossFit business in the confines of our garage, later expanding to a fully functional health facility with our very own scanner and CrossFit gym.

In our journeys, too many times, we have seen our customers become disheartened by the numbers on the scales and the lack of change these scales provided, thus losing motivation and energy. We saw attendance diminish and effort for both health and fitness goals deteriorate. And even though we could see physical results in not only their clothes but their ability to run faster, lift heavier and endure the CrossFit burn, some people still felt discouraged by those little blocks of text on the bathroom scales. So, we kept racking our brains to work out a way we could clearly demonstrate their successes and plan for the future.

Queue lightbulb moment!! Why not use a machine that can accurately calculate your body composition – not just weight and have factual data to monitor and report against. So, we did our research into medical grade composition analysers and found one that not only is precise, but it does not have the nasty radiation some scanners do.

And here we bring to you the InBody Body Composition Analyser! It is exactly what we wanted – to help people understand what they are really made of and use this factual data to set goals and celebrate wins. This spark of accurate information and knowledge was enough to reignite the fire within and help gain results to achieve personal health goals.

Equipped with the nitty gritty details of each individuals body composition, we were (and still are) motivating and inspiring people to change lifestyle habits. This forged the great and almighty idea of Body Scan Solutions. The success of seeing people achieve their goals based on their own results (and not just an average on empirical data), has provided us with the motivation to further help our community and decreasing the obesity epidemic we frequently keep hearing about. So, let us share our passion with you and we will help you achieve your health goals.