Founder & InBody Certified Specialist

Sam brings over 13 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. He was the Fitness Program Manager at the UOW College, moulding young minds and educating them on the benefits of Personal Training.

Sam is one of those extreme personalities where he is passionate about helping people and spreads his positive vibes without even meaning to. His goal is to reduce the Obesity Epidemic and reach youth to prevent health related illnesses and make them physically and mentally strong.

Sam has a weird fetish for hedges (true story!) and will always take a minute to admire a good hedge when the opportunity presents itself.

Life mantra is “Progress, not perfection”.


  • Bachelor of Vocational Education and Training
  • Diploma of Fitness
  • Diploma of Training design and development
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Personal Training
  • Level 2 CrossFit Certification
  • Level 1 CrossFit Gymnastic Certification
  • Level 1 Club Weight Lifting/ Power and Sports Coach
  • Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Boxing Instructor Certificate
  • Senior First Aid Certificate and CPR




Body Composition Specialist

Ash has always had a love for all things sport and fitness. From a young age, she competed in many sports and has represented Australia in Rowing.

Ash knows the value of balance and strives for her ideal Body Composition through balance.




Body Composition Specialist

Jesse is an experienced Coach who brings a wealth of knowledge to our business. Jesse has been exploring strength and conditioning training for the past 15 years.

Jesse has struggled with eating healthy – his family never ate well, and he still finds it incredibly difficult to change his habits as an adult. Jesse’s philosophy is to still to go after your health and fitness goals, because the feeling of turning your life around, after big setbacks, is worth every drop of sweat and commitment it takes.




Body Composition Specialist

Jayden has a range of experience from coaching non-competitive soccer for 2-12-year-olds, junior sports, as well working with Exercise Physiologists to program specific exercise plans for the elderly.

Jayden wants to help people be the most functional being they possibly can be. He achieves this through education of health and nutrition as well as encouraging people to move optimally throughout their whole day rather than for just the hour in the gym.